Ms tobacco factory process

Ms tobacco factory process

Ms tobacco factory process

Ms tobacco factory process


All surfaces which is contact to tobacco leafs were manufactured from first/high quality metarial as AISI 304L chrome. In all sizes of bales can be sliced easily. It runs with chain belt system for high resistance. Designed according to transfer the sliced tobacco bales to the weighing belt which is coming after itself. 

Weighing Belt

That unit reports to system about the quantity/weight of tobacco all through the process (batch). Meanwhile, it reports to conditioning cylinder which is coming after itself about the weight of tobacco.

Conditioning and Casing Unit (DCC-C)

Cyclinder has the abilty to descend and ascend 4 degrees. This feature of the machine enable to arrange the transit time for different produt types. On the other hand, complete washing and cleaning processes are provided with the help of both the angle of the cylinder and with nozzles at the entering and exit points. By this means, the cylinder will be ready in the sense of hygiene and sanitation for the next batch. 

The ratio of the steam, water and casing amounts that are transmitted to the DCC-C can be get under control with the existing automation on the system. It will be enough to enter the product amount and humidity rate of the batch which will be processed. 

A simple outlook appearance is targeted for the design. Also, the unit can be controlled with a service cabin if demanded. Service cabin may be changed by demand and also it can be ran under automation circumstances. 

The amounts of steam, water and casing transmitted to the system are pulverised by the special selection nozzle units. 

System provides 2 to 10ton/hour capacity.