Empty Cigarette Filter tube Lİne

Empty Cigarette Filter tube Lİne

Empty Cigarette Filter tube Lİne

Line Description

Filter rod discharger module

• Filter rod feeding up to 1500 rods / min
• Previous reservation to the feeding belt of 3 rafts (15000 rods)
• Ultrasonic filter level detection in order to control speed.

Filter`s cutter-feeder module

• Cutting of the filter rod in portion double to the length of filter in the tube.
• Steel filter cutting Blades with sharpeners.
• Filter feeder wheel with interchangeable blocks.
• Double fixed Rolling mill stand moved with direct servo motor.
• High speed paper splice.
• PVA adhesive glue filter on cigarette paper. 
• Touch screen control system for filter gluing.

Tube´s maker-cutting module

• Main screen and operator panel.
• Servo-driven garniture tape.
• Garniture belt 21x3540
• Tension control and printing on-line correction 
• On-line one colour printing
• Second printing optional.
• Tube rod gluing system with PVA adhesive using tear pump and nozzle. 
• Removable centralized lubrication system.
• Transfer to tipping paper assembler with spider. 

Tipping paper assembler module

• Double fixed bobbin holder with direct servo motor and fine position adjustment.
• Splice in bobbins detector.
• Double scrapper.
• Filter position control with laser.
• Expulsion of defective tubes.
• System for cleaning blockages in rolling drum and rolling hand.
• Unification of turbine with MT1 in order to reduce stocks in spare parts.
• Unification of drums in order to reduce stocks in spare parts.
• Output to link-up on two conveyors 850 mm high